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There were many of them, well known and unknown children of God, who faithfully did everything they could so the newspaper's subscribers could receive their newspaper and get spiritual food and support every week over years. No one thought to collect information about them, to record someone's biography, to take their pictures. And they themselves did not think something special about their work. As result, only some names and surnames remained in people's memory.

But all their names and their deeds, everything they did to glorify their God and Savior Jesus Christ is written in the book of God.

Nikolay Vodnevsky - founder and 1st editor. He worked in the newspaper from 1966 to 1973 and then from 1993 to 2008.
Vodnevsky's Biography | Vera Kushnir about Vodnevsky | Alex Shevchenko's Interview with Vodnevsky | - In Russian only

Eugene Garin - 2nd editor. He worked as the editor from 1974 to 1988.
Garin's Biography | Garin as a painter | Some Garin's articles: Newspaper 10 Years * Newspaper 20 years | - In Russian only

  Ivan Karpenko - 3rd editor. He worked as the editor from 1988 to 1993.
Karpenko's Biography - in Russian only.

  Ivan Bruyako - 4th editor editor since 2008.
Bruyako's Biography - in Russian only.
  • Vera Tayson
  • Vera Kushnir
  • Lyudmila Usplenyeva
  • Rodion Berezov - 1st corrector, House of Gospel, San Francisco
  • Vera Tayson – 2nd corrector, Russian Baptist Church, West Sacramento
  • Daniil Fygin – 3rd corrector, Bible Baptist Church of Grace, Sacramento
  • Mirvald Dreerc, (assistant), First Slavic Baptist Church, Sacramento
  • Tatiana Pankova – 4th corrector, First Slavic Baptist Church, Sacramento
  • Lubov Voronina -  5th correctors. Present time. Bible Baptist Church of Praise, Sacramento
  • Tatiana Protopopova -  5th correctors. Present time. Bible Baptist Church of Praise, Sacramento
  • Valentina Karpenko
  • Anna Vodnevsky
  • Valentina Lokteva
  • Arkadiy and Fedor Kozhychi
  • Peter Tkachev
  • Andrei Karpenko
  • George Granchukov
  • Pavel Loktev
  • David and Mikhail Tkachev
  • Nina Sitnikova
  • Sergey Kamilchu
  • Ivan Bruyako (present)
HEAD OF EXPEDITIONS (newspaper delivery)
  • Alexander Skuybeda
  • Lucy, Christina and Tanya Kuzmenkova
  • Daniel Loktev        
  • Vladimir and Lucy Kuzmenkova       
  • Ivan Bruyako
  • Tamara Bruyako (present)
  • Vladimir Kuzmenkov
  • Fedor Karpets
  • Vera Tayson
  • Mircha Moraru
  • Tamara Bruyako (present)
  • Paul Marchenko
  • Ivan Bruyako
  • Philip Tolok (present)
  • Vladimir Tkachev
  • Lucy Vergina
  • Fedor Dezhnyuk
  • Alexander Gol (present)
  • Lyudmila Vosheva
  • Valentina Russ
  • Galina Andryushchenko
  • Luba Sergienko
  • Larissa Ostrikova 
  • Nikolay Gushul
  • Irina Govaleva
  • Valentina Komlev
  • Nina Lincitchi
  • Raisa Vasilyeva
  • Vasily Vasilyev
  • Raisa Sevostyanova
  • Benjamin Rozvodovsky